Weezer Everything Will Be Alright in the End Album

Weezer Everything Will Be Alright in the End Album Download Leak

e Alright in the End Album Download


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01 Ain’t Got Nobody
02 Back To The Shack
03 Eulogy For A Rock Band
04 Lonely Girl
05 I’ve Had It Up To Here
06 The British Are Coming
07 Da Vinci
08 Go Away
09 Cleopatra
10 Foolish Father
11 The Futurescope Trilogy
I. The Wasteland
II. Anonymous
III. Return To Ithaka

Album Information

Weezer are back: with an Ultrashort video, her next work of “Everything Will Be Alright in the end” announce.

After a long wait, Weezer soon publish a new LP. The successor of the 2010 published “Hurley” will say “Everything Will Be Alright in the end” and about the new record label Republic appear.

At present, there is still no release date, it is already clear that Weezer again with got Ric Ocasek as producers on board. The cars singer had produced even Weezer blue and green album.

A first impression can be obtained with this (cryptic and Very much short) video, the Weezer have made the announcement of its new plant in the network.

Weezer have it not easy. Actually all fans agree, when it comes to the best albums by the band – “the Blue album” and “Pinkerton” are near the top of the list, but appeared a long time ago, in 1994 and 1996. To build on these successes, the Rivers Cuomo band worked for the first time since the first comeback from 2001 (with “the Green album”) again with Ric Ocasek together. End of September, “Everything Will Be Allright In The End” will appear. The first single, “Back To The Shack”, can be heard, the text, however, seems strange.

No experiments with Lil Wayne, as on “Raditude”, because “Disco sucks”, which promises to Rivers Cuomo in the text. Now become “like it’s 94” rocked again. And it is not unlikely that with the “shack” in which the band wanted back, probably the House (and especially the “garage”) is meant, in which sampled the band prior to the “Blue album”, and Which one in the booklet exactly this plate can be seen.

The text is quite strange – especially when you consider that Cuomo is now 44 years old. You feel reminded that after “Hurley” (2010) working on an album ceased, because – as the former producer Shawn Everett – the songs sounds so it. like Rivers Cuomo would spread to be only 16 I.

And the single “Back To The Shack” also musically sounds so good: what is to keep that behind crying her own best time of a band? At least, so one could say she hit the nerve of her old fans, because you say that already for years.